Heavy-Duty Ceiling Mounted Bike Lift
Heavy-Duty Ceiling Mounted Bike Lift
Heavy-Duty Ceiling Mounted Bike Lift
Heavy-Duty Ceiling Mounted Bike Lift
Heavy-Duty Ceiling Mounted Bike Lift
Heavy-Duty Ceiling Mounted Bike Lift

Heavy-Duty Ceiling Mounted Bike Lift

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There is no such thing as not enough room for another bike. Store your bikes overhead and out of the way. Smooth pulleys and latches make lifting even heavy bikes super easy.
This bike lift is a terrific way to use unused space with ease and safety. Its unique rope locking mechanism prevents accidental release. The ingenious design lightens the load for easy lifting. For use on ceilings up to 14-feet, it has a load capacity of 50 pounds.
This ceiling mount bicycle lift can hold road bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, children's bikes and more.

✅ Hooks are designed with a rubber coating to protect your bicycle from scratches.

✅ Robust engineering allows you to lift heavy bikes - 100 lb capacity.  

✅ Safe locking mechanism prevents accidental release. Four hoists included.

✅ Multi-Function: Can also be used with ladders, benches, storage nets, etc.


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Color: Black
  • Weight Capacity: 50 lbs / 22 kg 


  • 2 x Lift Assemblies
  • 2 x Rope Pulleys
  • 1 x Rope 

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