Micro Rocket Aluminum Bike Pump
Micro Rocket Aluminum Bike Pump
Micro Rocket Aluminum Bike Pump
Micro Rocket Aluminum Bike Pump
Micro Rocket Aluminum Bike Pump
Micro Rocket Aluminum Bike Pump
Micro Rocket Aluminum Bike Pump
Micro Rocket Aluminum Bike Pump

Micro Rocket Aluminum Bike Pump

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Only 1 item left in stock!

The Micro Rocket Aluminum Bike Pump works through the operation of air pressure using a piston within a cylinder, saving 30% energy and letting you inflate a tire with no sweat at all!

It easily into pockets and any bag! At just under 3 oz (120 g) and only 5 inches in length, this pump is a perfect option for commuters, road cyclists, and mountain bikers alike. 

Unlike other pumps on the market, this is machined from a high-grade aluminum alloy to be as light as possible while still offering maximum durability and smooth pumping action. It is built to last for many years to come.

Comes with a FREE Mounting Bracket!

Key Features:

  • ULTRA COMPACT AND FEATHERWEIGHT DESIGN: Only 5.0 inches long and 3 oz (126g). We know (small) size does matter! Safely store the pump on your bike with the secure mount or stow away in your cycling jersey or backpack.
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN & PRECISION ENGINEERING: Our precision engineered bike pump is a 'design masterpiece' built from Aircraft-grade Aluminum Alloy that efficiently & reliably delivers 'fast' inflation' when you need it the most, so you can get back quickly to the joy of your ride.
  • MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY:  The pumps are rigorously tested to cope with a pressure of over 160psi. Specifically designed with the intention of reaching targets of 35psi for mountain bikes, 50psi for folding bikes, and even up to 75psi for hybrid bikes, you can inflate your tire roadside or trailside with ease. 
  • PRESTA + SCHRADER COMPATIBLE NOZZLE: Works with both Presta and Schrader valves! Our uniquely designed nozzle quickly converts between both valve types in seconds. Simply unscrew the end of the nozzle and pull out for Presta valves or leave the nozzle in its locked position for Schrader valves. Then press the nozzle onto your valve thread and screw it on to secure a super tight seal.

Package Includes:

  • Micro Rocket Aluminum Bike Pump
  • Bike Mounting Bracket
  • Ball Inflation Needle Nozzle

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