Carpano Retro Cycling Jersey Short Sleeve
Carpano Retro Cycling Jersey Short Sleeve
Carpano Retro Cycling Jersey Short Sleeve
Carpano Retro Cycling Jersey Short Sleeve

Carpano Retro Cycling Jersey Short Sleeve

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 Do you miss the sights and sounds of racing cyclists speeding down iconic roads draped in banners, blazers, and all in 70s-80s style, GoVelo is the best place to buy vintage-style cycling jerseys, We offer durable fabrics with high quality sewing techniques, nostalgic logos, and stylish colours so you'll be thrilled every time you match your jersey to your bike.

Carpano Professional Italian Cycling Team, Founded in1956 to 1966 Part of the team was Franco Balmamion that won the general classification of the Giro d'Italia

At fair trade price Buy Carpano Cycling Jersey: 

  • Made of a high-grade, ultra-light wrinkle resistant fabric with polytex for breathability and wicking, it fits you perfect.
  • At 140gsm polyester, our special lightweight fabric promises an exceptionally light wear while being perfectly burlesque without too much bulge at the back.
  • Enjoy the ride, rain or shine, knowing you're well-protected with a powerful 3 back pockets that can hold anything from wallet to map. Handsomely designed with a discreet zip pocket at the back for keeping your passport safe.

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